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Wellington in Portugal Tour

Wellington in Portugal Tour

Wellington in Portugal Tour Overview

On this eight-day tour, led by the award winning Peninsular War and Napoleonic historian Nick Lipscombe, we escape the main roads to discover the Portugal known so well to the men of Wellington’s Army during the years 1808– 1811.

As well as visiting the magnificent battlefields, we will see one of the beaches on which Wellington landed his army in August 1808 amidst the treacherous rolling surf; explore the forts and signal redoubts along the Lines of Torres Vedras; wander around the historic centre of Lisbon; sample port wine in one of the many port houses in Porto besides the banks of the mighty River Douro; walk the walls of the pretty medieval town of Obidos the site of the first action of the Peninsular War; stay in a former palace in Lousa and marvel at the stunning Portuguese countryside as we travel over its mountain ranges and through its river valleys and national parks. All set amidst the background of wonderful local and international cuisine and great Portuguese hospitality.
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