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Oasis Overland Sustainability

Sustainable Tourism Projects from Oasis Overland

Discounted Water Bottles for Oasis Customers to combat Plastic Waste

The majority of Oasis Overland trips travel through areas where temperatures mean that keeping hydrated is an essential requirement. We have always encouraged our travellers to bring sturdy, refillable water bottles on the trip with them but some people still choose to buy bottles of mineral water, contributing to the ever mounting problem of plastic waste and its devastating environmental impact.

In 2018/19 Oasis Overland wants to reduce its traveller’s contribution to this problem by offering them the opportunity to purchase a water bottle with an extremely effective water filtration system at a 15% discount. For every bottle purchased via us another 15% will be donated to one of the projects we support. We feel that there is a natural connection between the water bottle donation and Toilet Twinning and hope to twin at least two toilets by the end of 2019.

We envisage that every customer taking one of these bottles will mean that 10 less single-use water bottles are consumed and discarded on a trip. We hope to reach at least 10% of our travellers (approximately 70 people) in the first year of the pledge by including details in our pre departure information, social media posts and newsletter articles.

We feel that introducing these bottles to our customers is an effective and tangible way of reducing plastic consumption and waste as well as protecting the wonderful environments we travel through. We look forward to seeing the positive effect our pledge has.

  • Aim to reduce single use plastic bottle waste by encouraging our travellers to purchase and use water filtration bottles

Sharing the Adventure Travel Experience With Children From Zimbabwe

About 10 years ago Oasis Overland’s Director was delivering surplus blankets to a children’s home in Zimbabwe. He went to the wrong Home by mistake -one for older children that received very little outside support. Whilst there he got talking to the staff – this was the start of what turned out to be a great relationship.
Over the years we realised that many of the children in the home very rarely leave the compound and this formed the basis of an idea. As a company we have our own Expedition vehicles and drivers. Why not use our assets to open up the world a little bit for these children?
This year we will use our vehicles and crew to take all 100 children and home staff on a day trip – to a local game reserve. Oasis Overland will provide vehicles, fuel, staff, insurances and general logistics and we will end the event with a big party for the children. We have also formed a partnership with who will fund entrance fees and lunch through their ‘Trip for a Trip’ scheme. If the partnership is a success we hope to expand it to another of our destinations next year. Every client that books a trip with us this year will indirectly be contributing to this trip for these young people. We are also going to ask our clients travelling in Zimbabwe to donate to new play equipment for the children. We know that this trip will leave the children with lasting positive memories and a real sense of excitement in the build up to the day, and the day itself.

  • A few days before Christmas 2017 we will take all the children and staff out for a day trip to a Rhino and Wildlife Conservation area, ending the trip with a big party!
  • The children and staff are already aware and excited about the trip!