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Latin Routes Project Protect Pledge - Sustainable Solutions

The rapid growth of tourism in the 21st century has had both a positive and negative impact on the environment and as a result, as a tour operator, we are now more aware than ever of the responsibility we have to operate sustainably in this ever-changing world.

Latin Routes aims to give back to the environment and communities by offering more sustainable ways to travel around Latin America and in-turn lessening the invisible burden of tourism. We will do this by setting up a Sustainable Solutions programme.

This Sustainable Solutions programme will include a carbon offsetting initiative that we aim to set up in 2020/21, details of this will be posted on the Sustainable Travel section of our website, across our social media channels and through email communication. It will offer our guests the opportunity to support local tree-planting projects in the Amazon rainforest from next year. Planting trees will help to reduce the impact of our guest’s holidays on the environment, as well as supporting a region of the world greatly affected by deforestation.

Another of our Sustainable Solutions programme aims is to launch a selection of sustainable holiday itineraries. These are for guests who want to reduce their carbon footprint and in turn help local people with community projects such as our Sacred Valley Project in Peru, which helps indigenous girls with education and access to transportation, food, uniform, supplies and more. Our product team will be working hard this year to launch these in 2021 along with new destinations in Latin America.

At Latin Routes, we are passionate about Latin America and travel, and we are just as passionate about protecting this region for future generations to experience and enjoy.