Connoisseurs' Florence

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Prices from: £1,870.00
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Duration: 5 days
First available departure: 26 Feb 2018
Last available departure: 31 Dec 2019
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Connoisseurs' Florence

Connoisseurs Florence from CICERONI Travel. Discover a ‘hidden’ Florence. Emphasis on the patronage of the Medici & Corsini families. Wonderful paintings & interiors from the 15th to 18th centuries. Private visits to two Corsini city palaces & the Corsini villa at Maiano, hosted by the owners. Comfortable 5* villa-style hotel in Florence.

Merchants & Princes: Connoisseurs Florence

Tour Lecturer; Tom Duncan, Co-Founder of CICERONI Travel

Tour Manager; James Hill, Italian Tour Director

The dark clouds of Medieval strife which had shaped the great Tuscan cities of Florence, Siena, Pisa and Lucca began to clear at the dawn of the fifteenth century. The rise of Cosimo de’ Medici saw Florence transformed through the construction of sumptuous secular palaces and landmark civic monuments. Via a career based in merchant activity and banking, the Medici became the city’s most prominent patrons of the arts and sciences.

They ruled first the city and then Tuscany, transformed from merchants into Imperial Dukes by the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V in 1532, then upgraded to Grand Dukes by Pope Pius VI in 1569. Under Cosimo I, his sons Francesco I and Ferdinando I, and his grandson, Cosimo II, Florence once again became a great centre of the Renaissance, a position it had temporarily yielded to Rome at the beginning of the sixteenth century.

The Corsini family came from the hills south of the city at Val di Pesa. Rising to important positions in the republic as traders, politicians and churchmen, the family’s political influence yielded to the Medici in the sixteenth century. However, through a Europe wide web of brokerage and banking interests, the family flourished, particularly in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, even producing a pope, Clement XII (1730 – 1740).

It is these two family’s extraordinary patronage which will be the focus of our five-day visit to Florence, but which will also include a number of visits to other remarkable collections, with a day in and around Fiesole.

We shall be based at the comfortable 5* Villa Medici, located on Via il Prato close to Borgo Ognisanti. Facilities include a handsome garden and terrace, and a good restaurant. The River Arno and Santa Maria Novella are close by whilst the Cathedral area of Florence is either a fifteen minute stroll or a short journey by taxi.

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