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One of the best

By Silver back on 23 Jun 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent

This was a riding holiday in Uganda around the source of the Nile followed by gorilla tracking in the forest. The riding was superb, with very good horse and guides. The terrain was very varied and there were many lovely trails which often passed through villages where the children were very excito see horses and riders. The gorilla trekking was quite arduous but extremely rewarding. All the accommodation and meals were excellent.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

In the Saddle are a most impressive company who research all their rides most diligently. Their attention to detail is superb.

The Best Yet

By Etot on 21 Jun 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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A holiday which combines horses wine food and sunshine in the most amazing scenery

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Professional friendly knowledgeable and accessible. They give you confidence through the booking process and the holidays always deliver to the standard expected

Out of this world

By Anastasia on 21 Jun 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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Game census at Ants hill and nest in south africa is the ultimate riding holiday for those who love riding, adventure holidays and appreciate stunning wildlife and scenery, lt gives an incredible insight in what goes on behind the scenes in running a game reserve, coupled with fabulous horses,amazing staff, food and accommodation it truly is the holiday of a lifetime,

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Very helpful, super individualised itinerary booklets with all the info you could possibly need, Have used them several times and will continue to do so,


By Girls on tour on 19 Jun 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent

The minute we arrived at the ranch we were made at home with our bags taken to our room and a short tour of the ranch (including where the bar was) accomafation was good and very clean with air con. The horses were all very well looked after and very well behaved. The riding was excellent with plenty of guides to accompany each outing. The guides took the time each evening to find out what each group or individual wanted from there ride the following day or if you wanted to hone your western skills in the arena.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

In the saddle provided everything we needed from what to pack, perfect directions, phone numbers for when we arrived to suggested inoculation. The information pack/broucher was very helpful and beautifully presented. Don't think that they missed any little detail.

Lovely horse riding holiday - did exactly what it said on the website..

By G&T London on 17 Jun 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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Yet another wonderful holiday with In the Saddle - back to the Azores for a week of fabulous horses, interesting riding, warm local hospitality and the most beautiful island.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Consistently high quality - we keep coming back for more. Accurate website, helpful staff and a fantastic selection of rides which we've done on three continents. Highly recommended to all our horsey friends.

Perfect. Excellent riding, excellent safari and excellent accomodation and welcome. I can't wait to go back.

By Charlotte K on 16 Jun 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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Macatoo camp is perfect for the rider looking for an authentic, wilderness experience and excellent if, like me, you have a non riding partner. My partner had a guide practically all to herself and enjoyed excellent game drives and boat trips.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

In The Saddle really know their stuff and know how to match riders to the most appropriate holiday for them. The customer care and information is first class.

a fantastic trek through the wilds of Argentina and Chile on horseback

By Happy Trekker on 12 Jun 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent

This was an amazing holiday where we travelled through vast areas of rural Argentina and Chile. Every day was a challenge at some point but also immensely rewarding and it was a holiday like no other. The guides and horses took very good care of us. In general I liked the riding and set up in Argentina because we were really trekking across country, while in Chile we had good weather so could really appreciate the scenery and enjoy great rides along and through the rivers. Both centres offered very good experiences and hosting.I feel very privileged to have been able to experience this trip so my heartfelt thanks to everyone who made it happen for me.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

In the Saddle gave excellent holiday advice so I was well prepared for the trek - essential as there was nowhere to buy supplies once we were underway. There was great and accurate support in booking flights and sorting out extra accommodation before the holiday started. They also answered all my questions promptly and where more information was needed they found it out for me. The booking and payments all went smoothly: overall the staff at In the Saddle (especially Abi)were friendly, professional and well organised.

Unforgettable week in Kenya

By StruthRuth on 12 Jun 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent

We spent a week on safari at Borana Conservancy. It was incredible, the horse riding, the wildlife and the hospitality all exceeded our expectations. The food at Borana was fabulous and Eloise (the Lodge Manager) too the best care of us. Can't recommend enough.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Chris Day at In the Saddle arranged everything for us, the guidance we had from her was fantastic, we ended up going on the perfect holiday for us.

Wonderful Portuguese Dressage holiday

By Richard on 7 Jun 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent

In the Saddle Portugal - Monte Velho horse riding holiday. A wonderful equestrian centre with luxurious guest accommodation and fabulous food. Guests have the option to ride out over the beautiful surrounding countryside on well trained Lusitano horses with traditional Portuguese saddles, or to take instruction in dressage from one of the three resident instructors whilst riding a well-trained dressage horse. Another fabulous riding holiday from 'In the Saddle' and well worth re-visiting.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

'In the Saddle' specialise in equestrian holidays and we have travelled with them previously. Their team are thoughtful and do everything to make sure you are prepared for the holiday - it felt much more like taking a holiday with an old friend who is undertaking all the arrangements - rather than with a holiday company. There was a lovely personal touch - this is reflected in the entire organisation of 'In the Saddle'.

By Nice on 7 Jun 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent

It was incredible fine.
I was totally detracted and happy.
De nature was wonderful and de horses were very steady surely for my level and very tidy.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

She has well prepared may holiday.
I had no difficult in any way.