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London to Paris Cycle Event

By JP on 13 Jun 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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This was a truly amazing and memorable experience ! It was a very physical and mentally challenging event but worth every minute. The Discover Adventure Team were absolutely fantastic! They were extremely helpful, supportive, approachable and very much a bigh part of the experience ! Heres to the next one with them!

Rating for tour operator Excellent

excellent service

Great Wall of China Trek - a life changing experience.

By Jess Purcell on 11 Jun 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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Myself and my sister done the trek together in order to raise money for help for heroes. Neither of us are particularly athletic people and we hadn't done anything like this before so we nervous, didn't know what to expect and weren't sure if we could achieve it.
The trip was simply amazing. I achieved things I never thought i would be able to, seen things not many people have seen, smashed personal targets and raised a lot of money for a good cause. The group of people I was with were brilliant, an excellent mix and all helped each other through. The leader were exceptional and very helpful.
The accommodation was surprisingly quaint and the food was brilliant. We got to see parts of China and the wall that not many people will see which made it that extra bit special
The whole trip has made me realise what I am capable of and what you can achieve. I will certainly be doing another DA trip in the future.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

DA could not have been more helpful in the run up to the trip. No question was too big or too small and thy answered quickly and efficiently. There was lots of information provided which helped set my mind at ease about how organised the trek was and the quality of the service provided by DA.

Our guide Kev was simple brilliant. fun, friendly and thorough leader who made you feel at ease, helped you every step of the way and seriously knew his stuff. The doctor Rob and his nurse wife Margo, were also equally as excellent, making sure we were fit for business everyday and supporting us all the way. The Chinese guide James was also brilliant, the Chinese ninja was simply excellent at his job and the 4 of them made the entire trip relaxed, enjoyable and safe. I cannot recommend them or this trip highly enough.


By nola on 4 May 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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it was an amazing experience, I think I would have liked more time to soak up the views...but what incredible views... it was great t get the history from the tour guides which made this even more special...

Rating for tour operator Excellent

that pre and post follow up for information was really effective

China great wall true with Xian extension

By Cornish lady on 2 May 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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Well organised . Local guides excellent . UK guide excellent . Accommodation better than expected clean with good hot showers . Wonderful team spirit in group . Food great. I ate too much. Drivers great . Good clean transport with air con
Communication before trek with Discover Adventure was very good . Organisation throughout trip excellent .
Support fro Local guides and UK guides excellent . Few hitches and any that occurred dealt with promptly and effectively
Great to trek some less populated area of great wall . Trek is as graded .
Great wall awe inspiring ; Scenery in rural areas beautiful , Cities crowded and hectic but vibrant and full of energy
Forbidden city beautiful . Leave plenty of time to explore . Summer Palace amazing . Temple of Heaven Park a real oasis of calm.
If visit Xian ride a bike on wall and see musical fountains , Visit history museum ( Go early big queue)Terracotta Warriors are as amazing as you think .

Exceeded expectations

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Discover Adventure : see comments above


By Mrs D N 17 on 28 Apr 2017

Rating for this holiday Average
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Trekking along the Great Wall is a reasonably tough challenge but comes with its own rewards in terms of the sense of achievement at the end and the amazing scenery along the way. Terracotta Warriors well worth seeing. It may or may not be the 8th wonder of the world but it's a real wow experience.

Rating for tour operator Average

Good enough at organising a trip for people who wish to undertake a challenge to raise money for charity but it's not the same for participants who are simply on holiday. Cutting costs so that the headline cost of the holiday is reduced is fine but I will avoid booking a holiday with the same operator in the future.

Great local agent support, itinerary change needed

By nakster on 3 Mar 2017

Rating for this holiday Average
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The itinerary and group size made what could be a really top trip, much more arduous, uncomfortable and, on summit day, dangerous than is necessary. As a result many people experienced unnecessary difficulties and illness.

The local crew were extremely slick and professional and took care of the group and their needs very well. The Western leader also did a good job in keeping moral high and the group contained

Rating for tour operator Average

The trip is on the limits of what is safe in terms of rate of ascent. Group size of 28 per leader is well over the international guidance. It seems clear that the operator is putting profit above quality and safety.

Cycle ride from Ho Chi Mihn to Ankor wat

By Hallsy on 17 Feb 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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The trip was extremely well organised and the crew were excellent. The journey was well planned taking in all major sights along the way. Highly recommended

Rating for tour operator Excellent

they did exactly what was required. Fast responses when needed and answered questions in full

DA Costa Rica Rainforest Trek

By Kim on 14 Feb 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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This was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime, adventure into the tropical rain and cloud forests of Costa Rica topped off by a day of exciting white water rafting!

Much of the time was spent with local families who welcomed us into their homes, or camping - even the cowshed was an experience!

Local guide, Randall, provided a wonderful insight into the wildlife of Costa Rica, and the local support team of Memo and Sonia managed to produce amazing lunches in the middle of nowhere!

Rating for tour operator Excellent

The DA crew were fantastic, they engaged with the group with good humour whilst offering professional advice and support. Cannot recommend Alan, Duncan and Doc Lucy highly enough.

The whole challenge was well organised and managed from the start of booking to final night.

Costa Rica Coast to Coast Rainforest Trek.

By Miss C S 17 on 14 Feb 2017

Rating for tour operator Excellent

The support given from Discover Adventure was great, and the team of leaders on the trek were faultless. They were knowledgeable, professional, friendly and approachable.

Amazing temples & colourful countryside in Burma

By Shep on 26 Nov 2016

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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Surprising scenery from coloured patchwork fields of yellow sesame, white mustard, red chile's and yellow wild sunflowers to elaborately decorated temples. Maroon robed monks on motorbikes is a sight to behold.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

A very well organised company with nothing being too much trouble. The staff are very friendly and take the trouble to make you feel well supported.