From Split to Dubrovnik

From Split to Dubrovnik overview

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Prices from: £3,495.00
Single supplement from: £850.00
Duration: 8 days
Maximum group size: 12 people
First available departure: 2 Jun 2018
Last available departure: 9 Jun 2018
Gulet Cruise in Croatia
From Split to Dubrovnik

An expert-led gulet cruise along the spectacular Dalmatian coast of Croatia, exploring its history, archaeology, culture and gastronomy, including highlights like Split, Hvar, Korcula and Dubrovnik.

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Gulet cruise in Croatia
We are excited to announce this brand-new gulet cruise in Croatia, as always the result of painstaking research and preparation over many months and years.

Dalmatia, the southern part of Croatia’s Adriatic Coast, is a region of immense natural beauty and historical significance, an area where many fascinating strands in the story of human struggle and achievement are woven together into an extraordinary tapestry of culture. Even a casual glance at the map reveals much about this unusual place: while Croatia as a whole is set between the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Central Europe, Dalmatia itself is a country of mountains, sea and islands – important for ancient travellers and traders and perfect for a gulet cruise!

Over the centuries, many peoples have passed through Dalmatia, settled, competed, fought and interacted. From Dalmatian and Illyrian tribesmen via Greek colonists, Roman and Byzantine soldiers and emperors, to Croat warriors, Venetian traders, Ottoman and Italian fleets and French and Austro-Hungarian governors and engineers, they have left behind a unique cultural heritage, waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

It is almost impossible to describe the splendour of the miraculously well-preserved Palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian at Split, repurposed as a medieval city centre, or the grandeur of Dubrovnik, heart of the thriving Renaissance trading republic of Ragusa, with her broad streets, fine monuments and mighty walls. Both are listed by UNESCO as World Heritage and the tiny and intimate walled town of Korčula on the island of that name, a true Adriatic gem is on the tentative list for World Heritage status. Alongside these, there is much more to be discovered: the lofty slopes of Brač with grand views over the surrounding islands, the theatre-like harbour town of Hvar, its monuments and traditions revealed by a leisurely stroll through lanes and squares, the vineyards of remote Vis, first planted by ancient Greeks from Sicily, engulfed in the scent of wild herbs…

All of these joys await you, along with many opportunities to swim in azure waters, to relax on your elegant gulet, to sample the delicious Croatian cuisine – uniting all the cultural influences that have affected the region with the high-quality meats and fish it produces – and to try the islands’ fine wines. Cruising the Coast of Dalmatia is an unforgettable experience, a holiday of great beauty and a voyage of discovery.

You’ll be personally escorted by the wonderful Dr. Ivana Jevtic. An incredible enthusiast and highly experienced expert guide who hails from the region, speaks the language and spent many holidays as a child on the shore and islands of Dalmatia. Ivana has been leading our guests on tours of Istanbul (where she lives) over the last four years and received fantastic feedback (see testimonial). She can’t wait to show guests the wonders of her homeland.

Central to all our gulet holidays is the boat itself. You’ll be staying and cruising on the gorgeous gulet, Perla, sister ship of Sunworld IX, Sunworld 8 and Salmakis, three of our principal and favourite gulets which we have used in Turkey and Greece for many years. Peter experienced the pleasures of Perla when she was based in Turkey many years ago and is delighted that we will be using her for our first trip in Croatia.