Burma – Beyond the Tourist Trail reviews

Burma – Beyond the Tourist Trail reviews

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Varied and a cultural experience

By alic on 10 Jan 2017

Rating for this holiday 5

The holiday was a real experience and showed the real Burma. the was varied activities from walking, washing an elephant, and touring on a long boat. A real life experience.

fantastic magical trip

By SaraD on 17 Nov 2016

Rating for this holiday 5

Wonderfully organised, fun trip. All guides were exceptional, accommodation good (some excellent), very enjoyable trip. Exceeded all expectations

A trip to Myanmar experiencing local sites, people and villages as well as the more popular tourist landmarks.

By Phil R on 22 Feb 2016

Rating for this holiday 5

The trip was well described using local transport and local hotels. It was not luxurious, but comfortable throughout. Local guides, transport and hospitality was quite superb. This is a very friendly and unthreatening country and the trip enabled contact with local people away from some of the normal tourist sites.

Myanmar- Beyond the tourist trail

By Olands on 7 Jan 2016

Rating for this holiday 5

An extremely well organised holiday with a fantastic range of experiences. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Exciting country full of wonder with a wide variety of sights and activities

By Ms W B 15 on 17 Dec 2015

Rating for this holiday 5

Three weeks in Myanmar travelling on planes, boats, trains,a local bus, private vehicles, bikes and even a horse drawn cart was a truly enriching and fascinating experience at a hopeful turning point in the history of the country.The hospitality we received was wonderful and we learnt so much about Myanmar's Buddhism and other aspects of this fascinating country including experiencing rural life first hand guided by informative and professional local guides throughout the trip. Highly recommended.

Adventure in Myanmar!

By Andy on 1 Dec 2015

Rating for this holiday 5

We had a great trip around Myanmar for 2 weeks varied and interesting while helped at all times by a guide and another 'expert' in some places.

Myanmar is a wonderful destination for culture, scenery, cycling, trekking, visiting local villages and tribes and the people

By Fizz on 29 Nov 2015

Rating for this holiday 5

Great trip with a good mix of activity - cycling and trekking. Enjoyed visits to local villages and would advocate homestays as a great way to get a feel for village life. Lots of culture and obviously the politics are interesting at the moment. Interesting to see the colonial heritage and its legacy to the country. Elephant conservation camp is a great idea which we hope is copied across the country where feasible. Myanmar still has the feel of the Far east before too much of the west has intruded. Would love to re visit the country


By Vansugar on 25 Nov 2015

Rating for this holiday 4

The trip covered a variety of places within Myanmar.

The group was able to experience the historical sites, beautiful scenery and the most hospitable/ friendly people living there. It was great to also be able to participate in cycling, trekking and canoeing . A special treat was feeding and bathing the elephants and seeing them so well cared for in their retirement. Wonderful to stay overnight with the hill tribes and experience their way of life.

Amazing sunsets . Splendid temples and stupas . Beautiful people. Crazy markets . Delicious food . All enjoyable. Look forward to returning there!

Fascinating country, wonderful people

By Mrs D W 14 on 4 Feb 2015

Rating for this holiday 4

The Burmese people were wonderful; polite, happy, elegant and colourful. We felt we had a glimpse of a country as it really is - not manufactured experiences for tourists. Lots of amazing Buddha stupas, statues and temples - each one bigger and more gold than the last!

Burma - sstunning destination

By Sue on 6 Dec 2014

Rating for this holiday 5

2 weeks travelling round Burma with trekking, cycling, balloon trip and canoeing.
Led by fantastic guides and drivers.
Wonderful local people in all destinations and a wealth of culture and treasures to see.