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The Gold Coast & Beyond

The Gold Coast & Beyond

The Gold Coast & Beyond Overview

The Gold Coast & Beyond from Dragoman is an exhilarating holiday in . Available from 1 Dec 2020 to 12 Mar 2022 this 48 day trip costs from £3,065.00 and has a maximum group size of 22 persons.

This incredible yet challenging adventure begins on the phenomenal beaches of the Freetown Peninsular and will head east through the remote forest region of Guinea and into the wonderful country of Côte d'Ivoire. We will then cross into Ghana and follow the Atlantic coast to its bustling capital of Accra, before continuing on to the unique and fascinating lands of Togo and Benin, two countries packed full of history, voodoo culture and stunning scenery. Unlike their more visited cousins in East Africa, these countries truly are hidden gems that are largely untouched by tourism - every trip through the region is therefore an incredible adventure involving fantastic community interaction, some wonderful wild camps, some difficult roads, and a rare opportunity to experience a more traditional way of life. West Africa boasts a huge arts and craft scene, colourful and vibrant markets, and incredible traditional music - however, what makes West Africa especially wonderful are the people - the fascinating cultures, incredible atmosphere, and warm friendly smiles that greet you every day are what makes a trip here so very special, and why the area is frequently on the top of the favourites list for many of our most seasoned travellers. Join us for this incredible adventure!
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