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An excellent tour visiting less well-known sites in Florence and looking closely some of the great works of Renaissance artists.

By Maggie on 27 Nov 2014

Rating for this holiday Excellent

It is always a privilege as well as a pleasure to travel with such an experienced and well-informed tour leader as Joachim Strupp. He is an excellent communicator and introduced us to splendid art and architecture in unexpected places in and around Florence, as well as giving us the opportunity to study in some depth more familiar works in the Uffizi and Pitti Palace. We stayed at the Hotel Berchielli which is very comfortable and in an excellent location.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

This was the first time I had travelled with Art Pursuits but I shall have no hesitation in booking with this company again.

An exhilarating visit to Florence

By Anne Bryant on 24 Nov 2014

Rating for this holiday Excellent

A six day tour to Florence which concentrated on more unusual aspects of Renaissance Florentine Art History. We walked through the Vasari Corridor, visited the Medici Villa in Poggio a Caiano and wondered at the intricate processes of painting frescoes and the complicated details of restoring them. We followed the development of 'Mannerism' and discovered the joy of examining a painting in a dark corner, easily dismissed, that was a a revelation of artistic beauty. Art Pursuits have once again come up trumps; good company, good food and excellent accommodation. Well done Joachim and Patrizia!

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Art Pursuits offer cultural holidays on many aspects of what could be called Art/ History. The study tours are lead by experts though always with a background of comfortable hotels and good food at the end of the day. Groups are round 20 in number and, because of a shared interest, very congenial. Having taken several holidays I confirm that they are very well organised and I have always come home feeling enriched in both academic knowledge of the topic and a greater understanding of the country visited. If that sounds too dry, these holidays are great fun too.

A superb voyage of discovery through a little known period of the art and history of Mediaeval Rome

By Mosaic Lover on 10 Nov 2014

Rating for this holiday Excellent

This was an excellent holiday and study tour. We stayed in a very comfortable hotel in a quiet street behind the Coliseum, very convenient for the mediaeval sites we visited, and for local restaurants and cafes. We had a full program of visits to early Mediaeval churches and to the Roman streets and houses below them, as well as to the catacombs outside the city and under St. Peters itself. Our guest lecturer gave us clear and concise information, so that we knew what we were looking at without feeling overloaded. The tour included three excellent dinners and a lunch. Otherwise we had plenty of time for leisurely lunches and dinners, and for independent expeditions. This was our third Art Pursuits Abroad holiday and we look forward to more.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

This was our third Art Pursuits holiday/study tour. We have found them to be easy to book and efficiently administered, even when we had to cancel literally two and a half hours before the flight was due to leave. The choice of itineraries has been excellent; the speakers immensely knowledgeable but with the ability to explain everything clearly and concisely; the tour manager (actually the same one each time) calm, efficient and resourceful. Art Pursuits has always been a pleasure to deal with.

Maximum Culture with Maximum Comfort

By Wisedoor on 9 Nov 2014

Rating for this holiday Excellent

This was a study tour focussing on the Early medieval period in Rome. We visited many churches and also catacombs and late Roman houses that had been used as "house churches" and subsequently been used as the sites for Christian basilicas. The highlights were the many beautiful early mosaics depicting Christ, the Fathers of the Church, and sometimes Mary. Our lecturer, Dr. Cathy Oakes, was superb. Not only does she wear her learning lightly, but she encourages debate and invites contributions from everyone, not only the art history buffs and historians.

The hotel was exceptionally quiet, although near the Colosseum, and the staff were helpful and professional.

Rating for tour operator Average

Art Pursuits Abroad is a tour operator specialising in serious study tours organised with a great degree of comfort and convenience.

They pride themselves on good hotels that are not pretentious, and on good restaurants for the group meals. The lecturers are people with serious reputations in their field.

Well planned to a good variety of destinations

By jrip14onb on 6 Nov 2014

Rating for this holiday Excellent

Entry to a number of important art collections to study The Golden Age of Dutch Painting, led by a knowledgeable lecturer and staying in Haarlem, which was a good centre for the museum collections.

Rating for tour operator Good

Flexible approach to events and schedule to allow us to see extra sights.
Arranged first class meals at local restaurants adjacent to hotel.
Issued headsets to listen privately to the lecturer without having to crowd around her and block sight of echibits.

A happy well organised tour full of interst and new experiences

By Mrs J E 14 on 4 Nov 2014

Rating for this holiday Excellent

I travelled alone in a group of 22 people to Urbino. Everyone was friendly and we were all well looked after in an excellent hotel. We were guided round local places of historical and artistic interest by a very enthusiastic and well informed lecturer.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Art Pursuits Abroad is a small and very efficient operator which organises tours for small groups of people who want to learn about the places they visit.

Art study tour to Umbria

By Paddy on 29 Oct 2014

Rating for this holiday Excellent

6 days of visiting Umbria and surrounds with an outstanding arts lecturer. An extremely well organised and instructive six days

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Efficient and helpful

Lake Constance and the surrounding Countries

By Noelly on 20 Oct 2014

Rating for this holiday Excellent

The holiday was based at the town of Constance which straddles the Swiss/German border. We visited many towns either close or near the lake, where there are interesting churches, museums or sights showing the history and culture of the region. There is in fact something for everyone to enjoy be it art, architechure or just the views and the hospitality of the local inhabitants. The lecturer is extremely knowledgeable and opens your eyes to aspects of the historical background to a particular subject that would normally pass you by. The tours attract like minded people so there is always harmony within the group plus bags of good humour.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

This is my fifth tour with Art Pursuits Abroad, which says alot for the confidence I have in the performance of the company. You are always guaranteed the very best in lecturers and tour management and variety of places visited, many of which are not open to the general public. If you want something different with bags of interest and is reasonably priced then Art Pursuits Abroad will be at the top of the list.


By Deb on 6 Oct 2014

Rating for this holiday Excellent

Excellent tour of the area around Venice but excluding Venice itself

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Art Pursuits Abroad

gentle stimulation, gentle climate

By Schollen on 25 Sep 2014

Rating for this holiday Good

A pleasant amble through historically important sites which appear seldom visited. A lot of time spent on agreeable lake ferries, and a visit to the gardens of Mainau which were a real surprise and delight. The Zeppelin museum at Friedrichshafen was unexpectedly stimulating, and the churches of Birnau and St Gallen were illuminated by the commentary of our guide, who was helped by audio equipment he used: stragglers were not excluded!

All in all, a good-humoured and tour. The meals were perhaps only a moderate source of pleasure.

Our tour manager wss a pleasant and efficient young woman

Rating for tour operator Good

Although not in the best of health, Joachim was a real trooper and constantly surpassed himself. Well done !