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Arousing Armenian Awareness

By Rosie on 28 Oct 2013

Rating for this holiday Excellent

A 9 day 2 centre tour of Armenia staying for 6 nights in Yerevan and 2 nights in Dzoraget.During the tour we learnt about the history and culture of this ancient country. Visits were organised to see museums, library, cultural features, 7th-13th century re-constructed castles, forts, churches and monasteries. A very comprehensive picture of the architectural and artistic competence of this nation was given, while appreciating the variety of landscape. I now have some understanding of the skills,learning and tragedies of the Armenian people.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Detailed descriptions of tours are published with clear itineraries and booking details. Booking is straight forward and simple. Pre- tour details are excellent with a day-by -day itinerary and meals menu. Travel arrangements are simple and a list of fellow travellers is given. Any queries are efficiently dealt with at the headquarters. A study lecturer and tour manager accompany all the tours.
Overall a well organised experience.


By Leigh on 27 Oct 2013

Rating for this holiday Excellent

The tour was very enjoyable with excellent tour and local guides. My suitcase was lost on the outward journey and they were both very helpful in getting it returned. The hotels were very good; the Marriot was better than the Tufenkian Avan Dzoraget, but it was in a very good position. We had good and interesting food which was previously arranged. The tour itself was excellent, very interesting, very well organized. We went to some remote and stunning places which I would never have visited otherwise and were driven by a very capable and experienced driver.It went like clockwork.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Very organised,very friendly and helpful.

informative and very well run

By Elizabeth on 26 Oct 2013

Rating for this holiday Excellent

Armenia is an unusual destination. We saw the best of it in 8 days and were well looked after (as always on Art Pursuits holidays).

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Very capable and good at picking local guides and events. I have had three excellent holidays with Art Pursuits.

Study Tour: Armenia

By Gregory on 24 Oct 2013

Rating for this holiday Excellent

This was one of the best holidays I have ever had. Our British lecturer was excellent and very well-prepared, and our local Armenian guide was fluent in English, entertaining and thoughtful. The sights we saw were remarkable and the local people welcoming and keen to share their culture, faith, cuisine etc. We saw exceptional mountainous landscapes in the north of the country where villages are perched on top of plateaus, and early churches cling to the rocks and are sometimes even carved out of the volcanic rock. We saw eagles, tasted freshly-dried locally grown apricots, basked in the sun and drank Armenian brandy. What more could you ask for?

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Art Pursuits Abroad provides for clients who wish to learn through travel and to enjoy the company of like-minded enquiring travellers. Groundwork is always well carried out in advance, and you can forget day-to-day worries, relax and enjoy good restaurants and hotels as well as top-class lecturers.

It was very interesting but not the right tour for me.

By delgirl on 9 Oct 2013

Rating for this holiday Good

It was an Art History tour based in the Saxony-Anhalt region of Germany. The tour was well thought out and very interesting, the hotel was good and the lecturers were excellent but I had made a poor selection. There was a lot of travelling by coach from place to place and the scenery (if it can be called that) consisted of never ending wind turbines. Having viewed what seems like (and probably was!) thousands I feel that I am amply qualified to write a dissertation on the styles, colours, sizes and efficiency of wind turbines in the field of sustainable energy.
Although my fellow travellers were extremely pleasant I think the average age was probably upper 70s and they all retired to bed after dinner. As I said, the tour was excellent it was just not right for me.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Art Pursuits Abroad Ltd is a small company which has organised Art History tours for some years. I have been on 15 tours to date and they have all been excellent, interesting and well thought out. The lecturers are amazing and very approachable: they don't make you feel an idiot for asking questions on subjects that they would probably have assumed you are familiar with.

a totally delight-full week of wonderful scenery and historic churches accompanied by an excellen lecturer and equally excellent tour manager

By bossybiddy on 7 Oct 2013

Rating for this holiday Excellent

This was a small group package holiday centred in Beaune during which we managed to see a great many wonderful churches and their contents, including sculpture, frescoes, stained glass, a couple of museums as well as the Puits de Moise in Dijon

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Art Pursuits Abroad provide excellent detailed advance information, are extremely efficient with ticketing and all travelling, use very comfortable hotels and have delightful tour managers who are never fazed and always in a good humour. The lecturer was excellent

Beautiful Bodensee with Art Pursuits Abroad - historic and artistic exploring with great food, wine and company.

By osprey on 7 Oct 2013

Rating for this holiday Excellent

A superbly-organised visit, with in-depth lectures on the historic sites of the area from an outstanding lecturer who combines erudition with humour and enjoyment. The 5-star lakeside hotel in Konstanz makes a perfect base for exploring, by boat and road.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

You can expect stimulation and satisfying attention to detail with an Art Pursuits Abroad study tour. Planning, client - care and follow-up are all well-handled.Value for money excellent.

Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness all around Bodensee

By Paddy on 4 Oct 2013

Rating for this holiday Excellent

Although sunshine was sometimes in short supply there was nothing but abundance where the beauty of nature - as well as the beauty of art - are concerned. The lake itself was full of birds as well as fish. The nearby orchards were overladden with fruit, the fields with vegetables & the gardens with flowers. To complement this abundance was a daily overdose of visual pleasures produced by artists from the time of Charlemagne to the 21st Century. The World Heritage sites of Reichenau Island and St Gallen's abbey church and library were the bookends for a treasure trove including Stein am Rhein in Switzerland, Bregenz in Austria and Konstanz in Germany. Three abiding images of this holiday we will
always remember: Looking down on the wonderful array of roofs as well as Bodensee itself from Uberlingen's Stadtisches Museum - built in the 1460s in the Italian Renaissance style by Pope Pius II's physician, coming out of the wonderful Rococo gem that is Birnau Abbey church to be met with row upon row of bunches of grapes as well as Bodensee itself and enjoying the most drinkable of
roses - produced by those very same vineyards beside Birnau - as well as quiches and croissants while smoothly sailing under Bavaria's lion as our private launch
arrived in Lindau's harbour along with a 100-year old paddle steamer whose band played as only a Bavarian one can. The interpretation of the lake's art treasures was brilliantly given by our lecturer, Joachim Strupp, whose input into every detail of the tour - including the dinner menus - was greatly appreciated by all participants on this inaugural visit to a wonderful destination for those who love nature as well as art.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Joachim Strupp of Art Pursuits Abroad is a wonderful travelling companion because he has tremendous knowledge of Europe's art from the ancient to the modern which he shares in an always entertaining way because he also has a great sense of humour. He meticulously organises his tours so that on the day almost everything runs smoothly. The Bodensee tour was no exception to this which we have come to expect of Joachim.

Special Interest escorted tour - history and architecture of Saxony Anhalt in medieval times

By Veterans on 11 Sep 2013

Rating for tour operator Excellent

We had travelled with Art Pursuits Abroad before and had been very happy with the experience. The lecturers are top class, extremely knowledgeable and excellent communicators and the arrangements and programme were well thought out. The hotel was very good with pleasant helpful service and good food. The travel arrangements worked well. We are very satisfied with the company and will look to travel with them again.

Tour of Saxony-Anhalt , ref QUED13

By Gastro on 4 Sep 2013

Rating for this holiday Excellent

An excellent 6 day tour visiting eight towns and their romanesque cathedrals with guided tour of each. First class commentary from the two lecturers who had extensive and deep knowledge of their subject, with plenty of opportunity for discussion.
Logistics, hotel, catering and travel arrangements were all very good and the whole tour was most enjoyable and instructive.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

I have been on several trips with Art Pursuits Abroad and they have all been excellent. All details are attended to and the company takes care of their customers in an exemplary way. Highly recommended.