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Well organized, spezialized study tour of medieval and renaissance art in the South Tyrol.

By John on 26 May 2014

Rating for this holiday Excellent

Top-end of market. Highly focussed.
Two very well informed tour lecturers for group of ten
participants (retired professionals).
Exceptionally comfortable hotel.
Well-paced sightseeing,very caring of participants
who were less mobile and needed special transport
in challenging locations.
Combination of organized and independent meals was
well judged. Good choice of local wines for group meals.
Unreserved recommendation for people with a keen interest
in art history.
This narrow focus, however, would not suit everyone.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

see above.
Prompt in response to all enquiries.
No problems encountered.

Flemish Cities Northern Renaissance Art

By Dossie on 8 May 2014

Rating for this holiday Excellent

Very enjoyable and fascinating tour

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Extremely reliable operators

Very stimulating and enjoyable

By Serious student on 29 Apr 2014

Rating for this holiday Excellent

It was just what we wanted, a small group (13) staying in an excellent hotel on the edge of the old part of Vicenza. The visits to Palladian villas involved a lot of standing without much steady walking so it was tiring, but very well organised.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

The lecturer was first class, really knowledgeable and extremely well qualified.

Alternative Berlin - sights we might never have seen

By robinbwatts on 20 Apr 2014

Rating for this holiday Excellent

We stayed in the 5 Star Regent Hotel and ate out 4 times. Lots of unexpected architectural and unusual museum visits.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

We have travelled with them before and find they pick unusual venues

Visiting villas of the Veneto

By Ms S R 14 on 17 Apr 2014

Rating for this holiday Excellent

We were a fairly small group...13 of us plus the lecturer and tour manager...and this made it easy to get to know people and to take in all the information given by our lecturer. Our tour was not just about villas designed by Andrea Palladio but also included other country houses, for example, Petrach's house, with its beautiful peaceful garden and setting in a lovely village. Our lecturer was brilliant with so much interesting information for us and such enthusiasm for his subject. Our tour manager was incredibly helpful and efficient, and so welcoming to her country. I am missing them both terribly already after parting with them yesterday at the end of the holiday!

Rating for tour operator Excellent

This was my second trip with Art Pursuits Abroad. I feel that their holidays are very carefully planned so that everything falls into place with the opportunity to learn about many aspects of a subject and to compare different styles of art and architecture. Also to put art into context....why then, who for etc! As well as a chance to enjoy the food and atmosphere of different countries. Not just a narrow purely academic picture of life.


By Wisedoor on 6 Apr 2014

Rating for this holiday Excellent

Dr. Joachim Strupp has the gift of enabling a jaded traveller who has been somewhere many times before to see that destination with new eyes.

The choice of hotel was inspired. The staff could not have done enough for us and the rooms were spacious and well-equipped for he price.

I would say that this trip actually improved my quality of life.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Art Pursuits Abroad is a small company run by Dr. Joachim Strupp. It specialises in small cultural tours with a high level of scholarly input.

On the other hand, the groups are usually fun, meld together, and support one another.

Intellectually stimulating and aesthetically pleasing

By Italiaphile on 12 Mar 2014

Rating for this holiday Excellent

An in-depth study tour of 13/14 century Siena focussing on Duccio, Simone Martini, Lorenzetti and others. The lecturer was superb - no other word for it: deeply knowledgeable, enthusiastic, warm, engaging with the group by encouraging questions, learning our first names and relating to each of us individually. The hotel was elegant and comfortable with a beautiful garden and landscape beyond. The selected restaurants were on the whole good (though there were some glitches on quality of food and wine on two nights of the four) although the atmosphere was always convivial.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

She was careful, alert, sensitive to the various needs of the group and interesting to talk to: professional but friendly and considerate.

Renaissance Florence explored

By veterans on 11 Mar 2014

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Art pursuits Abroad is well administered and is distinguished by the excellence of its lecturers

cornucopia of renaissance art and architecture in Rome

By Mr P S 14 on 10 Mar 2014

Rating for this holiday Excellent

An excellent and well thought out introduction to the art and architecture of the high renaissance in Rome. The hotel was a particularly successful choice, well situated in a quiet location, but within easy walking distance of many of the most notable sites in the centre of the city. The rooms were spacious and well appointed, breakfasts were most satisfying, and the quiet central courtyard could be used for reading, relaxing and (if required) light snacks and drinks. There were sixteen of us in the party, plus a tour manager and tour lecturer, and everyone seemed to mix quite happily. All told this was one of the most enjoyable trips of its kind I've ever experienced.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Art Pursuits Abroad specialises in tours of places in Europe of historic and/or artistic significance, such as the one I've described above.

Siena, stunning and sublime

By Florence on 10 Mar 2014

Rating for this holiday Excellent

This was the first Art Pursuits Abroad Tour I have undertaken. OK, Siena is stunning and sublime, and we were blessed with brilliant weather, but the tour was made very special by first class organisation both before and during the tour and by having the benefit of an outstanding lecturer. The city, it's art, architecture and history were all brought to life by the knowledge so well imparted by our inspiring lecturer.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Art Pursuits Abroad - well organised trip that treated you like intelligent adults.