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Bologna - Ancient Heart of Emilia-Romagna

By Happy of N London on 5 Apr 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

This was a study tour demonstrating how truly fantastic some of the works of art are in this city and in nearby Ferrara and how important it was in the development from the medieval to renaissance periods in art history. The two lecturers Geoff and Paula Nuttall were both outstanding in what they showed us.
Alongside the history, due care was shown to our comfort and we were given an opportunity to sample many of the delicacies from the region.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Art Pursuits Abroad have been operating study tours abroad for some time. This is the second such tour I have been on and both have been excellent all round.

A well organised and excellently guided tour

By Bowling51 on 5 Apr 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

A well led tour by Paula and Geoffrey Nuttall. A very good hotel and interesting talks as we were guided around Bologna and Ferrara.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Very good administration and well thought out itinerary.

Interesting art holiday in Bologna and Ferrara but concerns over administration

By Art traveller on 30 Mar 2018

Rating for this holiday Good

A full-on study tour of the Renaissance art of Bologna and Ferrara. A huge amount to cover in 5 days. Very good hotel in the heart of Bologna in walking distance of all the sites of interest. We also had a day in Ferrara, which was fascinating.
The two lecturers doubled up as tour managers. Both knew their subject intimately and were highly enthusiastic. The only downside is that one of them had a problem with verbosity on occasion.

Rating for tour operator Average

Administration was generally good but I had three major concerns.
1. We flew to Milan instead of Bologna and had a ca. 200km drive to Bologna, not helped by the motorway being closed because of an accident. Even if APA couldn't get direct flights to Bologna for some reason, why didn't they use Venice or Pisa as an alternative as the journey would have been significantly shorter? Total time from arriving at Heathrow for check-in to arrival at our hotel was 10 hours (11 hours if you take the time difference into account). Ridiculous.
2. Having become stuck on the motorway because of the accident, we discovered that the coach didn't have a toilet. I would expect a toilet on a coach for a journey of this distance.
3. I paid a supplement of £130 to have a double room for single occupancy. Like all the other single travellers in the party I was given a single room with no opportunity to change. This is unacceptable.
My previous two holidays with APA were uniformly excellent but I fear they've taken their eye off the ball.

Two experts for the price of one!

By Cardiff Robin on 25 Mar 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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This six day trip to Nuremberg and Munich was well-balanced and highly informative. The two lecturer/guides were both excellent communicators and we were fortunate in that we were split into two smaller groups for the main visits - which was a real bonus. We were also very well looked after right from the beginning with the supply of coins for the motorway toilets, up to the arrangement of standby hotel accommodation just in case our flight home was cancelled because of the bad weather we encountered.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

The virtues of a small company which recognises its clients by name and for whom no request is too much trouble. Excellent Study Notes before the trip.

Opening many doors onto the world of Albrecht Duerer

By Grandrat on 24 Mar 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent
Find more about The footsteps of Albrecht Dürer >

The six days in Nuremberg studying the art and times of Albrecht Duerer with Art Pursuits Abroad held so many artistic and cultural highlights. Hotel Victoria was welcoming, modern and clean; the walled city of Nuremberg, much of it authentically restored from terrible WW2 destruction, is today largely pedestrianised and thus safe and easy to walk around. We gained many insights into the work and times of Duerer and other Renaissance artists from visits to Duerer's House, now a museum, Nuremberg castle and the wonderful Germanisches Museum. An additional highlight was a visit by coach to Coburg castle. Every day was of packed with great interest but we also had a little free time to enjoy German cuisine and explore on our own. Flights to and from Munich by British Airways were convenient and on time. All in all, a wonderful experience.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Arts Pursuits Abroad take enormous care to offer both a smooth and seamless holiday from a practical point of view and an insightful and educational experience for the local culture. Our tour lecturer, Thomas Abbott, for whom nothing was too much trouble, was an erudite and very competent expert in Renaissance and Medieval art as well as being very caring and affable on a personal level. Our tour manager, Dr Ulrike Ziegler, was a veritable connoisseur in a wide range of topics, most notably German art and culture. She is a true professional and her exceptional English skills left me full of admiration. Both she and Thomas took great care of everyone and made us all feel special. I thoroughly commend them both.

An excellent introduction to Naples, the Campi Flegrei and Amalfi Coast

By Dr J M 18 on 21 Mar 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

This was a well thought out and organised introduction to the area and its early history. Our Tour Lecturer, Nigel McGilchrist was, as always, excellent as was the Tour Manager Patrizia Lerco. The last part of the planned tour had to be reorganised because of the poor weather but again this went without problem and appeared a bonus.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

A well-established company with high academic standards and the ability to be always interesting.

stimulating trip

By Sara Y on 20 Mar 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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As a solo traveler I was leery about taking a guided trip, but the Brits/Welsh/German participants were such a pleasure to travel with. There was more history than I was expecting and too many references to artworks I had not seen, but overall it was interesting and had a few very special moments. I thought the days tended to start a little late and some meals were ridiculously long given how few days we had. I had a need to veer off by myself a couple of times but no one minded. I would take this trip again in a heartbeat; I have already purchased a book to catch up on Durer the man as opposed to the artist.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Ulrica (sp?) and Tom were both knowledgeable, full of energy, enthusiastic and had a joyfulness about the trip that was contagious. They clearly cared that we all had a good time and went out of their way to please and to remedy any issue. I would happily travel with them again.

informative and enjoyable

By Martini on 16 Mar 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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A well managed visit to a beautiful city. The lecturer was superb and could relate to all in the group.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Efficient and helpful when changes had to be made

Excellent art- and archeological-centered tour of Naples and Ravello, enhanced by superb guide and tour manager.

By PM on 8 Mar 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

Excellent art- and archeological-centered tour of Naples and Ravello, enhanced by superb guide/lecturer and tour manager. Our local guides were also excellent.
It was unfortunate that we experienced several rainy days, with some very intense storms, but that did not dampen our enthusiasm. Aside from the rain, this tour would be better if conducted in April, May, September or October. Early March is just too early in the season.

Hotels were excellent.
Meals were very good, occasionally excellent..

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Artt Pursuits Abroad leads excellent art study tours.
Prices seem to have crept up in the past year.
Maximum group size is 22; we had 21. I would prefer a smaller group, no larger than 16-18.

Rare insights into treasures

By Art fan on 20 Dec 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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A well-curated survey of the finest elements of art and architecture in and around Venice. Our expert lecturer gently imparted important observations - and our local guide organised resturants, transport, tickets etc. smoothly.

Rating for tour operator Good

Organisation, including an extra day, was clear.

This was an expensive tour (and if less-expensive options were available I'd be interested), but contributing to the cost were ALL entrance tickets, most meals, local transport - and a hefty single-room supplement.

Taking a water taxi through rough water to Marco Polo airport was scary. I wished we had travelled around by train instead!