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Cordilleras - Santiago to Lima

Cordilleras - Santiago to Lima

Cordilleras - Santiago to Lima Overview

This adventure takes you to the Andes! After departing the cosmopolitan city of Santiago, your journey takes you to a gaucho ranch in Argentina to sample world famous steak and wine, to the vast Bolivian Salt Flats, before tracing the ancient Inca civilisation to Machu Picchu. Trace the mountains down to the coast to finish your trip in Lima.

Follow the Andes, taking in the towering peaks; ancient Incan archaeological sites including Machu Picchu; the vast altiplano of Bolivia and its eerie yet majestic Salt Flats, and its complex and mysterious indigenous cultures. Throw in a few adrenaline activities like sandboarding in the Peruvian desert, the wine country of northern Argentina, some bustling colonial towns, and cosmopolitan Santiago and Lima with their great bars and restaurants and you've got a varied and packed adventure that gives you a genuine taste of South America!
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